When they are not on stage, Melissa Western (Lissa) and Tnee Dyer (Nee Nee) are life partners and are the proud parents of two beautiful daughters, Ella and Sasha. They spend their year between the UK and Australia enjoying full-time careers in the performing arts industry.

Tnee is a multi-instrumentalist and singer whose original songs are filled with energy and verve. He has had extensive experience in children's entertainment as a clown and party facilitator, bringing joy and laughter to countless birthday parties right across south-east Queensland.  He works predominantly as a session jazz pianist/vocalist performing at festivals, events and clubs all over Australia. As a composer, Tnee has worked with Opera Australia and a host of diverse performing artists. His broad musical experiences and comprehensive theoretical knowledge allow him to breathe new life into classic nursery rhymes and familiar tunes. 

Melissa is an acclaimed actor-singer whose warm theatricality and story-telling through song has seen her delight audiences, young and old, for nearly a decade. Her experience performing for children began in 2004 when she started work with Sydney based children's theatre company Tell Tales. Since then she has performed over 1000 solo and duo shows in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, London and Edinburgh. Her show "Baby Loves Singing, Dancing and YOU!" received critical acclaim and official “Sold Out” status at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.  

Lissa and NeeNee’s shows have been praised by critics and producers:

“delighted gurgles” **** Three Weeks
“beautiful voices” Primary Times
“will have adults and children alike singing, dancing and smiling!” State Library Queensland
“extremely popular with parents and young children and our venue was quite literally 'packed' each day” Executive Producer - Children & Family Engagement,
Queensland Performing Arts Centre

Lissa & Nee Nee are committed to entertaining and engaging children using high quality music and narrative driven, story-telling techniques. They use audience participation (offstage and onstage) to enhance feelings of joy, wonder and spontaneity thus authenticating the experience of adventure for the audience. They draw on their sophisticated skills in music making and theatre, adapting them for the children and family market. In their practise they take an idea for a show from concept through to realization encompassing all the relevant designing elements (style, aesthetic, tech, script, composing, arranging, etc).