Lissa and Nee Nee are an all-singing, all-dancing, high energy, fun-filled, family friendly musical duo. Their shows feature fun-filled jazz numbers, magical nursery rhymes and rocking originals. Audiences are moved to their feet by the infectious energy of Lissa and Nee Nee. Parents can’t resist joining in the fun and soon enough the entire theatre is singing and dancing along to Lissa and Nee Nee’s well-choreographed Tom-foolery!

The overall themes of their shows are friendship and adventure. Lissa and Nee Nee are best friends and enjoy travelling around having everyday adventures. 

It’s a delight for the young and the young at heart! 

The style of the shows is similar to live music/story groups like The Wiggles, Hi-5, The Fairies etc.  Shows run to a non-stop backing of original score plus live instruments.
Shows are created by the performance team, Antony Dyer and Melissa Western who are also, in real life, married with children. Their children’s personas, Lissa and NeeNee were created in mid 2012 and have enjoyed a meteoric rise having been booked for major festivals and tours locally and internationally since their debut at the QPAC Out of the Box Festival.

The duo developed in Brisbane, Australia, have toured extensively in Australia and the UK and are currently based in Brisbane.